Kirkmuirhill School and Penny Petroleum conveniently yours!

As anyone who visits the loo in a service area knows the area doesn’t always impress. As previous winners of the Forecourt Loo of the Year Award, Penny Petroleum understand how important it is to have a loo area that reflects the right image, but they have taken it a step further.

Under the “Spend a Penny” brand, each loo area will eventually have a different ‘penny’ theme. The services at Kirkmuirhill is the latest area to get ‘special’ treatment from the local school Blackwood Primary.

A project was set for the school Years 4 & 5 to draw using inspiration from a school song, “The Magic Penny”. The resulting paintings were judged by our very own David Penny and Vicky Hennessy. These can now be seen when you pay a visit to Penny Petroleum at Carlisle Road, Kirkmuirhill.

Each of the six winners received an art pack courtesy of Penny Petroleum and the school purchased high-vis vests as their prize for the children to wear to ensure they are seen as the winter draws in.

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