Q&A with Store Manager, Meg from Crown

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Q&A with Store Manager, Meg from Crown

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What exactly does a Store Manager do? We chat to Meg Tait, Manager of our Crown Store in Castle Douglas, who reveals what a typical day is like and tells us why working for Penny Petroleum is like being part of a great big family!

How long have you worked for Penny Petroleum?

I have worked for Penny Petroleum for nearly two years now and have enjoyed every minute.

What does your job entail? Describe a typical day.

I walk the shop floor and see that everything is as it should be, i.e. no missing tickets, no gaps, and ensure that the store is well stocked. I then do my customer journey and list out any tasks that need doing and leave it on the till counter so we all know the jobs that need completing first. My next task is to go into the office and process the daily sales and the cashing up, ordering and invoices. Once that’s finished, I go back out to do whatever is required on the shop floor or forecourt.

What skills have you learnt during your time with the company?

Since taking over as Manager, I have had to learn everything as I’d never done a managerial role before, but I had lots of help and support. I now know prism and how it works, invoicing, booking in stock, stock rotation, sticking to budgets, ordering and keeping a happy and content team of staff members.

What has been your proudest achievement as Store Manager to date? 

My proudest achievement has got to be going from a shop assistant to Manager and doing a good job. So much so that our store went onto win Store of Excellence.

What qualities make a good Store Manager?

To me, a good Store Manager must be passionate about their role and show pride in their work. Persevere when things go wrong and have a good team of staff that feel comfortable with you! After all, we are all an equal partnership, and we all get through things together.

The best thing about working for Penny Petroleum is…?  

The best thing about working for Penny is that you’re like part of a great big family. There is always someone on the other end of a phone if you need help with anything or just need to talk. Everyone treats you like an equal. It’s brilliant!


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