Switching Eight Stores to Become Spar

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Switching Eight Stores to Become Spar

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In our last post, we mentioned our main focus for this year: to expand food-to-go as well as a large selection of beer, wine, and spirits, plus fresh and frozen food ranges. To do this, we require proactive teams to work with us.

In Scotland, two of our stores are already Spar-badged – Ayr and Kirkmuirhill. We are now expanding on that to switch a further eight of our Scottish stores to become the CJ Lang-supplied fascia, Spar, over the next six months. These stores will be Auld Brig, Tam O Shanter, Garvock, Nellfield, Camelon, Rumford, Armadale and Bonnybridge.

Mike Leonard, Sales Director at CJ Lang & Son Ltd, said: “With our best-in-class chilled offer, our vision for food-to-go, our unrivalled distribution network, as well as our dedicated account management and support team, we are confident that we can grow the Scottish arm of Penny Petroleum.”

Our own Business Development Manager, Vicky Hennessy, added: “Spar has been proactive in helping us engage with our communities, including product launch days and healthy eating for local schools. Their team are passionate about helping us achieve our goals, and they deploy their team to get the best from each store so we all work together.”

David Penny, Managing Director of Penny Petroleum, also added: “Our Scottish side of the business has grown significantly over the past couple of years, and with the number of sites that we now have in that area, we need the right partner to move forward with. Our core values at Penny Petroleum are passion, pride, positivism, partnerships and perseverance, and we look for these attributes when making business decisions. Spar Scotland has shown these characteristics.”

This is an incredibly exciting year for us here at Penny Petroleum, with so much more to come including celebrating our 25th anniversary! This new partnership will help us meet our customer needs locally and develop our stores and teams to do so. We’re looking forward to seeing where this journey will take us.



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