A changing world

Businesses and individuals face challenges every single day; however, the challenges we all now face with Coronavirus (Covid-19) are unprecedented. We are all making daily decisions that impact us, our families, our businesses, and our individual employees, and we are all very aware that these decisions have consequences. Penny Petroleum serve over fifty local communities as convenience stores and petrol forecourts, and we also employ over 550 people across the north of England, Wales, and Scotland. We are classed as ‘key workers’ by the government and believe that it’s important to continue to offer this service, for as long as possible, to serve our communities.

We take the safety of our team seriously and have made a number of little changes in our stores recently as a result of the Coronavirus. We are obviously following government guidelines in terms of respecting social distancing and have introduced signage around the stores to guide customers and added markers on the floor to indicate the two metre distancing for everyone’s safety.  As well as this, hand sanitisers have been supplied to all sites and we have provided gloves for both customers and colleagues that wish to use them. Sneeze screens have also been installed at till areas and the Night Pay service is available for those that prefer to use it. Talking about preferences, we would prefer you to use a card when you pay for your products, but we also realise that not everyone uses cards so cash is also still accepted at all of our stores. These are challenging times for everyone, but we realise that now, perhaps more than ever, it’s the little things that can make a really big difference.

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